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Mice India Expo 2019

Thursday 07 Nov 6:00 AM - Mon 09 Nov 11:00 PM @ Anandha Inn Convention Centre and Suites




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‘MICE India Expo – Puducherry 2019’ – a showcase for stimulating MICE tourism, travel, hospitality, leisure and other related industries with in the country. ‘MICE India Expo 2019’ is aimed at bringing a face – to – face opportunity with the travel – trade, hoteliers, and other stake holders from East Coast & Puducherry with leading Travel agents & Corporate Companies from India. The Event shall showcase Puducherry & East Coast as a destination for

MICE: Hotels, resorts, travel, tourism operations, Conference and Exhibitions

Tourist Attraction: it’s wonderful heritage, culture, beaches and other tourist attractions.

Mice India 2019

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